In today's market just about everyone would like a better pipeline,
a more predictable forecast and greater interest.
We’ve helped other companies, perhaps we could help you.
We've opened up new markets

A leader in customer analysis software found sales stagnant after the 'dot com' decline and had to seek new markets. They recognised that customer services could present an opportunity. Adara researched the market, started conversations with target organisations and set up an event for customer service directors to discuss their challenges.

This increased awareness in the market, established a number of solid prospects and achieved first few critical pathfinder deals.

We've developed better positioning, better propositions

One of the top 5 UK software companies that delivers secure information solutions to the public sector was experiencing rapid growth and change, making it difficult for sales folk to present and articulate consistently.  Adara worked with the management team to agree high-level business statements, redefine propositions and develop a comprehensive collateral family.

Result, a consistent set of messages and significant contribution to business growth.

We've generated lots of great leads

A new entrant into the UK market with a unified, predictive performance management solution for FT500-class companies had a growth target of 400%. Adara set up a rifleshot lead generation programme focusing on an event for financial controllers and run in conjunction with their partner, Microsoft. This raised levels of credibility and awareness, exceeded the company and Microsoft's expectations for lead generation, and established meaningful conversations with 240 contacts.

We've turned tyre kickers into buyers

The UK subsidiary of a US group providing performance management solutions based on packaged data warehousing, had a strong sales team and secured initial business in the UK marketplace but needed to expand rapidly. Adara, as their outsourced Marketing organisation, researched Enterprise Resource Planning target markets, undertook initiatives to establish contacts and introduced a contact nurturing process to develop interest.

This resulted in structured coverage of the marketplace, timely and appropriate involvement by sales in the process and a productive and motivated sales team.

We've got sales and marketing working together

A leading process modelling company, highly rated by Gartner, with advanced software that appealed to the technical community, was missing targets in Europe and lagging behind levels established in the US. Adara re-focused its business strategy, re-stated propositions and re-designed their web site to appeal to business people with big budgets. They retrained the sales organisation, developed new sales processes and support to fit a business model designed to increase average sale price.

This inspired sales team confidence and enabled the business to successfully address opportunities 10 times the sales value they had before.

We've improved sales performance

An Internet Security consultancy that used to have companies beating a path to their door needed to revitalise sales when new business started to dry up. Adara restructured their sales model, trained them in solutions selling and provided experienced freelance sales assistance.

After the programme got established they soon had their best month ever and the average monthly volume of sales doubled.