David and Steve are backed by a team of highly experienced associates
Deborah Jepson

Deborah Jepson highly skilled professional in the field of IT marketing. Deborah manages successful and lead generation campaigns, launches products and services into international markets speaks fluent French and attends occasional speeding awareness courses.

Chris Allen

Chris Allen has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in high value IT products and services with a background in sales, international marketing and worldwide operations at SVP level.

Ruth Holryd 

Ruth Holryd a marketing and communications professional with more than 15 years specialising in marketing data and campaign management. 

Samantha Lakin

Samantha Lakin has extensive sales experience both direct and indirect within the IT industry. She specialises in sales pipeline and lead generation.

Jim McLaughlin

Jim McLaughlin a sales professional who's delivered results in 40 countries and 6 languages. Jim delivers lead generation campaigns, coaches on sales, campaign management and inspires with his energy and joie de vivre. 

Catherine Pask

Catherine Pask The difference between business success or business failure can come down to a tiny scrap of information, as a highly skilled web and print analyst Catherine has spent years finding that elusive data and adding the value and insight that makes the difference. 

Caroline Geraerts

Caroline Geraerts has over 20 years senior IT marketing experience. She specialises in marketing communications & demand generation activity.

Andy Scrivner

Andy Scrivner has a passion for design & 14 years experience in graphic & web design, having worked in agency & corporate environments.

Catherine Thomas

Catherine Thomas has a diverse background with experience in internet marketing, CRM implementation & information management & a passion for data solutions. 

Peter Leitch

Peter Leitch is a digital and graphic design professional with over 20 years experience working on Bluechip accounts, he brings creativity, a wealth of experience and attention to detail to every project. 

Nicola Pitt

Nicola Pitt is a marketing communications professional with a proven ability in delivering results from strategic marketing.